Who We Are

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Who We Aren't

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We wanted to come up with a “5 Reasons NOT To Choose Us” list, but we were hardpressed to find even one reason. So, to help you quickly answer the question that’s inevitably in your head (Why should I use them?), here’s five simple reasons why you should use us when it comes time to design your next website and marketing campaign.

1. Always Available For You

Our project managers give out their personal cell phones to our clients, just in case they need us after hours. Even if you forget the cell numbers, you can call our 800 number at any time to access our company directory, which will route you right to the cell phone of whoever you’re looking for.

We’re not a huge fan of the “can we schedule a time next week to talk” thing. To us, no one’s so busy that they can’t take a few minutes out of their day right when you need them to talk to you. This keeps things moving, especially in the development phase. Trust us — it’s something you’ll appreciate, and something you won’t get with our competitors.

2. Shared Success

We love to tell people about our marketing strategy. It’s really very simple — do great work, get referred by the clients that we did the work for, do more great work. Rinse and repeat. That’s why your success is so important to us. When we team up with you to build your new web presence, we do so with goals in mind. Even after we launch the site and are no longer working in lockstep, we keep an eye on your analytics, offering suggestions when we see opportunities. Your success is our success, so let’s succeed.

3. Beautiful User Interfaces (UI)

We’re the type of people that start our mornings by browsing websites that feature the best and most beautiful websites around. Beautiful, candid design excites us that much. So you could imagine just how passionate we are when it comes to building user interfaces for our clients and ourselves. We know that design isn’t everything, but if your designs are functional and are made for a reason, it can go a very long way in growing your brand or business. Always remember: people do judge books by their covers.

4. Goal-driven Strategy

Just about every web design studio out there has gotten away from the principles of marketing. The need to remain competitive while still retaining excellent developers and designers has exceeded their ability to stay goal-driven and focus on each customer individually. Every business is different, and building an online strategy for your business’ industry is key to winning the race. Before we even begin our work with you, we set down and map out clear, concise goals that act as benchmarks for your website to conform to.

5. We’re Affordable

Some studios are now charging upwards of $150 an hour for development costs. This is because they have a huge overhead to make up for, made up of all the things that you think of when you consider web studios — super tall, loft-style office space; four monitor setups. That sort of thing. We don’t have that — our office is a little less than 700 square feet. But it’s that size for a reason: so we don’t charge companies an arm and a leg for their web projects. Our prices are about half of what you’ll be quoted by other studios, but our service is mind-bogglingly better. Take that, ROI.