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How to Hide Schema Creator From Visitors

Schema Creator is an awesome plugin for WordPress, working alongside microdata.

Considering was introduced by Google and Bing back in June 2012, it is fair to say that it will become part of every websites best interest to implement this language. However, many seem to think that it may not be useful for SEO and other marketing campaigns. This blog post is not about how schema works, but if you don’t know yet, you can learn more about the schema language by visiting

How can I hide the default Schema Creator shortcode?

Here is how I decided to hide the Schema Creator default layout that was visible to my visitors. Just wrap the Schema shortcode in: div style="display: none;"

Yay! Finally the ugliness is gone!

Matt Valvano writing for Ideas and Pixels

Matt Valvano

Matt has a very extensive experience of print and web design. He is an effective team player known for creativity, flexibility, distributing skills, managing, working with others and producing high quality, effective works of art within a deadline.

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  • Grasaffinity Magazine

    Great advice! Just what I was looking for! Simple question: how exactly?
    Pasting this code within the shortcode created?
    thanks in advance

    • Grasaffinity Magazine

      Solved, was the inverse thing. Useful post!

  • S Smith

    I was wrestling with this, great post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leo Lunde

    How do I “wrap the shortcode in”… div style=”display: none;” ?

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