We're a full service web design agency in Cincinnati, with a focus on increasing online lead generation through optimized web design.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click

The Ideas and Pixels Search Engine Marketing / PPC Strategy

When we first speak with a potential new client, we’re always very clear that Search Engine Optimization and Marketing strategies are what make great websites and web campaigns succeed. The caveat is that no two companies are alike, and each company’s strategy must be contoured to their unique industry and size. We create custom optimization processes for each of our clients, and since we only work with a small group of clients at once, we take the responsibility of helping you achieve better success online to heart.

Our process always begins with a small series of meetings geared not just at laying the foundations of your new campaign, but by understanding what your company represents and what you’re trying to achieve. We all have goals, and the good thing about online marketing goals is that they are quantifiable, thus easily tracked. We consider it a personal task to learn what your goals are, then execute until they come to fruition.

After setting your initial goals, we map out solutions that will help us meet them. Next is scheduling. We break down every solution into actionable items on a list that we will act on for the next three (3) months. These tasks may (and usually always do) change a bit to cater to new problems and better solutions as they arise. We meet with our clients once a month to make sure that things are on track, and to discuss potential enhancements to increase our rate of success.

Integrated Data Metrics

Our paid marketing reports use custom column segments from Google Analytics and other services to import detailed data for metrics like Bounce Rate, Time-Per-Visit and Visit Duration directly into your dashboards. Often times, we find that these measurements are far better indicators than the basic metrics provided by default within Google Adwords.

We Utilize Remarketing

We use custom remarketing campaigns to keep your business on your potential customers' radar, well after they have left your website. Remarketing is a tool that allows us to place a small cookie on users' browsers so that we may show ads to them again on other ad venues. Remarketed customers have a much better chance of converting, since they are prequalified leads, as indicated by them originally viewing your site.

Cost Per Conversion Over Per Click

We take full advantage of cost-per-conversion metrics in our PPC campaigns. Working with our clients, we determine the value of lead conversions with a basic formula to calculate exactly how much ROI every segment of the campaign is getting, down to the individual keyword. This allows us to alter your campaign's ad groups based directly on how much they are profiting your company.

Enhanced Local Targeting And Phone Tracking

We dedicate entire sub campaigns to local targeting, since local visitors always have the best conversion to competition value ratio. For us, this means using keywords that users local to your business will recognize and act on, and integrating your local office address and phone numbers directly into your ads, bypassing the need for visitors to even go to your website to contact you.

Actionable Landing Pages

A pay-per-click campaign will most certainly fail unless the pages that you send your visitors to actually engage them enough to send them searching deeper. Our landing pages are created to fulfill all the users needs in one place, by making inferences about your visitors. We create landing pages to encourage two to three click conversions, so your users spend less time looking for what they came for, and more time doing business with you.

We Use More Than Just Google

Too many SEO/SEM marketing companies completely ignore the Bing search network. Bing not only holds an estimated 15% marketshare of all search networks (well behind Google, but admirable none-the-less), but advertising on Bing automatically grants you access to advertising on Yahoo, Ask.com and dozens of other search partners Microsoft has teamed up with.

Clickmap/Heatmap Technology

For our clients on longterm contract, we offer integrated clickmap technology to track visitor mouse movements (including clicks), giving us unparalleled insight into where visitors are losing interest or becoming lost, so that we may change those pages and save potentially lost user sessions. We also offer visit recording, literally allowing us to record the screens of your visitors when they visit your site. No amount of data tracking can compare to this capability.

We Develop Websites And Strategies That Help Businesses Leverage The Web.

Web Design

We consider our studio one of the best in Cincinnati for a reason. Our web designers build strong code bases that benefit search engines and users. With call-to-actions and page ques, we concentrate on driving the users into the sales funnel by gathering as much information about your visitors as possible.

Web & Online Marketing

Web design is only part of the equation. We set our clients on the path to success by registering their businesses on hundreds of search engine and web directories to provide quality backlink benefits and ensure high visibility on commonly visited websites like YellowPages, AngiesList and more.

Analytics and Tag Integration

Capturing as many events as possible on your website allows us to gain a more accurate insight into what your customers are doing once they get to your website. We can pinpoint entrance and exit paths, see which pages are causing the most bounces, and find out what devices people are using to access your site the most.