Free Vector Hamburger Clip Art Set

Free Design Concepts and Free Vectors

Here is our first set of free vector designs! Yes, it had to be vector hamburger vector set. This free hamburger vector pack can be used for your personal or commercial design projects. Don’t forget to share our first vector pack, Thanks!

Free Hamburger Vector from Ideas and Pixels

Download This Free Vector Pack

You may want to include a vintage vector sign and turn the hamburger vector into a restaurant logo! Here are some free vintage vector signs from our friends at

Matt Valvano

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Matt has a very extensive experience of print and web design. He is an effective team player known for creativity, flexibility, distributing skills, managing, working with others and producing high quality, effective works of art within a deadline.

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  • Rebecca Hare

    I also have a free burger ai. I just love free vectors 🙂

  • Lee Mason

    This is NOT a potential restaurant logo! Do not propagate the idea that clip art can function as a logo for any establishment with integrity!

  • RJmacready

    I strongly second Lee Mason’s comment. This is such a depressing post.

  • If you don’t like it, don’t use it. No pun intended, this was just for fun!

  • medmart

    I really don’t see why these people get so mad.. It is ridiculous! When it is free, well don’t expect much. This is the rule of thumb for everything.. Thanks Matt for allowing all of my co-workers to place hamburgers all around the office!

  • baskinsbergen .nl

    Everybody chooses their own values. Agree or not, your truth is not absolute.
    In retrospect I do not know why LinkedIn emailed me this link as ‘top content, tailored for you’.